Georgia legislators wrapped up their 2023-2024 legislative session early on Friday, March 29th. The adjournment brought to a close a session that was closely followed both nationally and by those within Georgia.

What Georgia’s General Assembly Accomplished This Year

A number of bills passed at the very end of session will now head to Governor Kemp’s desk. Governor Kemp will have 40 days to decide what to sign, what to veto, and what to allow to pass into law without his signature. Meanwhile, many legislators won’t rest for long before heading out on the campaign trail. Every seat in the General Assembly is up for election this November.

Digesting and distilling so much legislative activity can be challenging. Fortunately, Plural’s industry-leading open data and innovative AI tools make this process much easier. In this report, we leverage that data and functionality to analyze what Georgia’s General Assembly accomplished this year.

Key Facts and Figures: Georgia’s 2024 Legislative Session

Across both years of Georgia’s 2023-2024 legislative session, 2,107 bills were introduced. This number does not include resolutions. Of these introductions, Georgia legislators acted on 1,167 in 2024. Amongst all of this activity, Plural AI was able to determine the following topics that came up the most:

  • Criminal Justice, Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Incarceration – 16% of legislation
  • Appropriations, Budget, and Taxation – 16% of legislation
  • Civil Law, Family Law, and Judicial Proceedings – 14% of legislation

Raw numbers don’t always tell the full story. However, in this case, our topic analysis aligned with the narratives dominating coverage of the General Assembly’s work. As is common across all state legislatures, budget discussions took up significant time and attention. The budget was passed on the last day of the session. National focus on public safety, immigration, and law enforcement was reflected in the number of bills on those topics and the tenor of the debate on those bills.

We will need to await action from the Governor’s office before reporting on exactly how many proposals make it into law from this session. In the interim, you can see all of the bills that Governor Kemp has signed into law so far here. This list is up-to-date as of March 29, 2024.

Looking Ahead: Beyond Georgia’s 2023-2024 Legislative Session

Georgia’s legislators accomplished a lot this year. A budget securing expanded funding for education, state workers, and infrastructure project received overwhelming bipartisan support. The Republican majority secured wins on voting and immigration laws. We can expect these to be touted in the coming months, as Governor Kemp signs bills and legislators ramp up their campaigns.

At the same time, every legislative session leaves some legislative priorities unresolved. We expect Georgia’s 2025 legislative session to include reconsideration of key issues like sports gambling. There will also be continued debates over voting rights and election law.

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