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Shape the future of public policy with Plural’s intuitive, AI-powered legislative tracking and stakeholder collaboration tool. Effectively influence US federal and state legislation and say goodbye to clunky legacy software and manual spreadsheets.

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Find key bills and get updates on their progress.

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Create a home for each team, client or campaign with workspaces. Collectively track bills, save searches, annotate bills, and store notes and files with colleagues in a single, up-to-date place.

AI-Powered insights

Harness the power of AI to deepen your insights.

Find out what’s happening with similar legislation across the country, learn where bill language reappears over time, generate bill summaries, and discover which bills are gaining momentum.

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AI-Powered Legislation Tracker and Stakeholder Collaboration.

Plural harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize legislative intelligence. With a click of a button, Plural analyzes bill text using AI to find commonalities in other bills across its database of state legislatures and the US Congress. You’ll never miss another opportunity to influence important legislation.

Want to See Plural in Action?

Learn how a Georgia coalition used Plural to protect voting rights.

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