We understand the key challenges for associations.

The sheer volume of legislative activity happening at the local, state, and federal level makes staying up-to-date with proposed bills and regulations that could impact your members a challenge. Additionally, you have to keep your members accurately informed about any changes to legislation that could impact their businesses or industries, which can be a difficult task in a constantly shifting legislative landscape.

We’ve found the AI tools for bill summaries and version-to-version summaries to be especially helpful during the fast-paced environment of a short legislative session, when decisions have to be made quickly … The content generated by Plural [was] spot-on during this past legislative session.



How Plural meets that challenge

Plural keeps you informed about relevant legislation related to your target issues, so you know when to take action. Plural’s user-friendly interface simplifies how you find, track, and organize the bills that matter to you.


Plural applies data intelligence to analyze legislation and pinpoint the bills that are likely to have an impact on your members. Be the first to know so you can act fast.

No limits on collaboration

Plural offers unlimited seats, so you can easily share insights, updates, and strategies with your members. Ensure everyone is aligned and informed.

Advanced search
and easy tracking

Plural provides the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of pending legislation. Easily discover, track, and organize the bills you care about.

Get organized and skyrocket efficiency

Plural Workspaces allow your organization’s teams to do their policy work on a single platform, from tracking to collaboration — keeping you organized and ready to act.

Work better, faster, and more effectively

We’ve made discovering bills about your issues simple and easy to share, so you can streamline your efforts and make the biggest impact.

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