We understand your company’s key challenges.

Your task is to monitor and respond to ever-increasing amounts of legislative and regulatory issues facing your company — and your resources are already stretched. Collaborating and sharing information with different departments and colleagues is a challenge. Crucial information and attachments are hard to find in endless email threads. When urgent issues arise, how do you stay on top of them and collaborate with your team to take the right action and communicate the right message at the right time?

How Plural meets the challenge

Plural makes it effortless to securely collaborate and track bills of interest across all legislatures so you can achieve public policy outcomes that support your business. Gain a competitive edge by being the first to know about new bills and any changes that impact your issue. It’s like having a team of researchers, attorneys, and experts working for you around the clock…without the heavy price tag.

Legislative Intelligence

Plural applies data intelligence to analyze legislation and pinpoint the bills that are likely to have an impact on your organization. Be the first to know so you can act fast.

No limits on collaboration

Search for your issue area, filter legislation by bill status, tag legislation by topic, and choose which colleagues to share legislation with, even if they don’t have a Plural account.

Advanced search and easy tracking

Plural provides the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of pending legislation. Easily identify, monitor, and organize bills that matter to you. 

Get organized and skyrocket efficiency

Plural Workspaces allow teams to do their policy work on a single platform, from tracking to collaboration — keeping you organized and ready to take action.

Work better, faster, and more effectively

We create smart tools that are easy to use, and easy to share so you can streamline your efforts and take action.

Get started today!

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Some of the country’s top companies trust Plural to get ahead of legislative changes.