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Premium policy data, timely updates, and insights to inform your readers.

As a news or media organization, your mission is to keep your readers and stakeholders informed on the legislative updates that matter to them. With premium legislative data from 53 jurisdictions across the United States, plus Nigeria and South Africa, plus automatic updates and advanced insights, Plural is the legislative tracking tool of choice for top news and media organizations.

How Plural meets the challenge

No matter which states you monitor, Plural is there, supporting you with premium legislative data, timely updates to keep you in the loop, and advanced insights to inform your readers and stakeholders.


Plural applies data intelligence to analyze legislation and pinpoint the bills that are likely to have an impact on your organization. Be the first to know so you can act fast.

No limits on collaboration

To give everyone a voice, Plural offers unlimited software seats. Get your whole team onboard and include external stakeholders to work together in real-time, from anywhere.

Advanced search
and easy tracking

Plural provides the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of pending legislation. Easily discover, track, and organize the bills you care about.

Get organized and skyrocket efficiency

Plural Workspaces allow your organization’s teams to do their policy work on a single platform, from tracking to collaboration — keeping you organized and ready to act.

Amplify the stories and
updates that matter

Plural makes discovering key bills and demystifying their impacts simple and easy to share, so you can amplify the stories and updates that matter for your readers and stakeholders.

Get started today!

Take a step towards superior legislative tracking and improved workflow management with Plural. Create a free account or schedule a demo to see the power of Plural first-hand.

Top news and media organizations trust Plural to stay ahead of legislation.