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Webinar: 2024 Legislative Sessions Wins

Join us on June 20 for a webinar bringing together policy teams from across the country to share their experiences, victories, and strategies at the state, multi-state, and federal levels.


How Plural Bridges the Gap Between Policy Experts and Community Members

What are the benefits of Plural for community policy engagement? Plural helps bridge the gap between policy experts and community members.


The Bill of Rights and Civil Liberties

Civil liberties protect individuals against government actions that infringe upon certain fundamental rights. Learn more about civil liberties and the Bill of Rights today.


Plural for Cable Companies

Cable companies operate within a dynamic and highly regulated policy landscape. Learn more about Plural’s solutions today!


Case Studies

See How the Secure Elections Project Expanded Their Impact By 230%

In 2020, more election-focused legislation was introduced than ever before. The Secure Elections Project needed to streamline their workflows to handle the volume, expand into other states, and collaborate with partners across the country. See how they successfully expanded their reach and impact with Plural.


How Plural helped a coalition of 39 organizations stop 50+ bills threatening voting rights in Georgia

In 2021, voting rights groups in Georgia were playing defense. With better coordination, more time to act, and rapid notifications as bills moved through the legislature, the coalition was able to stop 70% of the bills they opposed while building stronger partnerships for the future.


Free Resources

Guide to Preparing for Congressional Testimony

Effective preparation for Congressional testimony requires a meticulous blend of strategy, knowledge, and execution. Download now!


Government Affairs Strategy Guide

This government affairs strategy guide equips your team with insights and tips to navigate interactions with government. Download now!


Georgia’s 2023-2024 Legislative Session: End-of-Session Report

Georgia legislators wrapped up their 2023-2024 legislative session early on Friday, March 29th. The adjournment brought to a close a session that was closely followed both nationally and by those within Georgia. Read our analysis.


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