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Find What You’re Looking For With Advanced Legislative Searching

How can you make advanced legislative searching work for you? What is boolean legislative searching, and how can it streamline your legislative research? Thousands of bills are introduced each year. In the world of public policy, finding what matters and adapting your strategy is the key to success.


What Happens When the Government Shuts Down?

The impending U.S. government shutdown is unique because there are dynamic disagreements blocking progress on a deal. These disagreements make predicting the outcome of the shutdown especially difficult.


What Policy Topics Do California Legislators Typically Focus On?

What policy topics does the California legislature typically focus on? Read our analysis, done using Plural’s expansive legislative data and policy expertise.


Case Studies

See How CSME Expanded Their Impact By 230%

In 2020, more election-focused legislation was introduced than ever before. CSME needed to streamline their workflows to handle the volume, expand into other states, and collaborate with partners across the country. See how they successfully expanded their reach and impact with Plural.


How Plural helped a coalition of 39 organizations stop 50+ bills threatening voting rights in Georgia

In 2021, voting rights groups in Georgia were playing defense. With better coordination, more time to act, and rapid notifications as bills moved through the legislature, the coalition was able to stop 70% of the bills they opposed while building stronger partnerships for the future.


Free Resources

Recapping California’s 2023 Legislative Session: The First Half of the Biennium

California’s 2023 legislative Session began on December 5, 2022, and adjourned on September 14, 2023. Over the past 10 months, Sacramento has been busy with hearings, votes, and debates over hundreds of bills. Read our full analysis.


Legislation Impacting Race and Education

In November of 2022, Plural research fellow Samantha Caracciolo gave a presentation to the Black Education Research Center at the Columbia University Teachers College. In her presentation, Samantha contextualized critical race theory and the backlash against it, providing detailed information on new legislation impacting race and education using Plural’s legislative data. What is Critical Race […]


Legislation Affecting Voting Rights and Access in 2023

For state and federal legislators, voting rights legislation is a key priority in 2023. Debates and public focus surrounding voting rights and access have intensified and come into the fore due to contentious national elections and imperfect electoral systems. As the 2024 election approaches, these conflicts will only intensify.