State Legislative Tracking.

State legislative tracking solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

How Plural meets the challenge

Engage with state legislation with Plural’s best-in-class tracking software, stakeholder management, and regulatory monitoring tools, all designed to keep you well-informed and strategically aligned at the state level. Our platform understands the nuances of state legislatures and offers a comprehensive suite of tools to navigate them effectively.

Legislative Tracking & AI Insights

Experience unparalleled access to state legislative developments with Plural’s AI-enhanced tracking tools. Plural offers real-time updates, analytical insights, and in-depth reports tailored for each state’s legislative environment.

Collaboration & Stakeholder Management

Manage stakeholders with precision and ease using Plural’s collaboration and stakeholder management tools. Plural helps you map out the stakeholder landscape, understand their influence on legislation, and develop effective engagement strategies.

Seamless Regulatory Monitoring

Plural helps you stay ahead of state regulatory changes with comprehensive monitoring tools. By tracking regulatory developments across various state agencies, Plural provides you with timely updates and detailed analyses to deepen your insights.

States and Jurisdictions

Plural offers public policy resources catered to the needs of teams working to influence public policy across the United States. Explore Plural’s library of blogs, resources, and case studies to inform your policy work and streamline your day-to-day.

Plural helps you stay ahead of the game.

From tracking bills and amendments to monitoring committee activities and floor sessions, we provide a panoramic view of the state legislative process. Stay ahead with our in-depth analysis, personalized alerts, and strategic insights tailored for each state’s legislative environment.

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