Best Legislative Tracking Software.

Get ahead of policy changes with Plural’s AI-supported legislative tracking software. Keep tabs on bills and legislative developments across all 50 states and Congress, while collaborating with unlimited stakeholders.

Easy Searching and custom tracking

Find the bills that matter and keep track of their progress.

Staying on top of public policy work is challenging. Plural makes it easy and transparent. In addition to searching for bills or legislators, you can track the bills you care about, and get automated alerts when there’s updates.


How can AI supercharge your legislative strategy?

Anticipate legislative changes, understand their potential impact, and develop strategies that keep you a step ahead. Plural’s artificial intelligence legislation tracker analyzes vast amounts of legislative data, identifying trends, predicting outcomes, and offering actionable insights.

TEAM Collaboration

Do you work on a team or have external stakeholders? Strategize in one place.

In addition to searching and tracking your bills, you can see what’s happening with similar legislation across the country, find out where bill language reappears over time, and even find out which bills are gaining momentum. You’ll never miss another opportunity to influence important legislation.
And with secure digital workspaces, you can create a home for every team, client, or campaign — collectively annotate bills, share analysis, and plan next steps all in one up to date place. This allows you to give up legacy systems and spreadsheets. And you are never charged per seat, so you can collaborate with anyone in your network, and export data when needed.

How Plural meets the challenge

U.S. Federal

Welcome to the forefront of United States federal legislative tracking and analysis. At Plural, we understand the intricate dynamics of federal legislation. For policy teams who need premium data, real-time updates, and the competitive edge, Plural is the policy tracking tool of choice.

U.S. State

In the world of public policy, success stems from the decisions you make and the relationships you build. Plural’s state-level legislative tracking solutions are uniquely tailored to provide deep insights and tools for each U.S. State, plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.


At Plural, we understand the unique political landscapes, legal frameworks, and regulatory norms of Nigeria and South Africa. We deliver tailored solutions that empower policy teams to stay ahead of legislative developments, engage with key stakeholders, and shape impactful policies.