Tarkwa Bay, Lagos, Nigeria

ICYMI: Plural has expanded its footprint to the African continent! Plural’s expansion to Africa aligns with our founders’ vision to bridge the digital gap in African public policy.

I’ve worked on both sides of the policy divide, both crafting laws and advocating for them. As such, I’ve felt the limitations of fragmented policy data, opaque processes and scant public participation.

Now, as the Vice President for Africa at Plural, I’m thrilled to advance not a business venture, but an audacious mission. Plural aims to foster transparency, inclusivity, and data-driven decision-making in African governance.

Plural’s Expansion to Africa

The African continent is racing towards the transformative promise of the African Continental Free Trade Area. However, in many African nations, access to policy data still isn’t as seamless as in the US or EU. As African countries navigate key legislative transitions, accessing trustworthy information becomes paramount. Plural’s entry into the African market is a step towards bringing visibility into the continent’s policy landscape.

Plural empowers organizations to make informed decisions, fast-tracking both their own growth and the continent’s development. Our collaborative, AI-powered tools allow users to track and influence public policy. It bridges the gap between knowing what’s happening and being able to do something about it.

Our recent partnership with Afrilabs illustrates this commitment to localized, systemic change. Afrilabs is a network committed to spurring the growth of Africa’s digital economy. The organization’s new RevUp Women initiative supports women-led, early-stage African enterprises. Afrilabs uses Plural to advocate for the policy shifts essential to tackling the institutional barriers faced by these ventures.

This new phase in Plural’s journey is not just about software. It’s about redefining the very canvas of participatory policy making in Africa. Plural offers best-in-class data analytics, real-time policy tracking, and seamless collaboration. Our AI-powered algorithms simplify otherwise complex public policy and legislative data. In Africa and around the world, access to accurate and timely information can significantly affect public policy outcomes.

Looking to the Future

We are beginning our African expansion with a controlled release in Nigeria and South Africa. We are also focused on serving multinational organizations with interests in Africa. Plural is a data-driven lens through which these organizations can navigate complex policy landscapes. Looking ahead, we have mapped out further expansion into other jurisdictions.

Our goal is that Plural will become an indispensable tool for policy advocacy in Africa. Working with local governments and our customers is crucial to:

  • Identify necessary product enhancements
  • Customize Plural for the unique African policy landscape

Eventually, Plural will not only serve our customers’ immediate needs, but also drive the future of inclusive, transparent, and data-driven governance in Africa.

We are excited to venture into this new chapter, with you, as part of the future of public policy in Africa. Plural is not just a tool, but a catalyst for change. Plural’s expansion to Africa will empower public policy teams in shaping the continent’s policy.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Plural can revolutionize the way you interact with policy.

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