Pretoria, South Africa

Aayusha Ranjan, TechAfrica News | Plural introduces AI-powered policy tracking to Africa, aiding transparent policy development and decision-making.

Plural, an AI-driven policy tracking platform, has announced its entry into the African market, starting with Nigeria and South Africa. The move aligns with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and the growing demand for transparent policies to promote free trade and economic growth.

Plural initiated a controlled release of its AI product in Africa in June 2023, collaborating with select partners to understand specific regional needs and customize its offerings accordingly. Presently, Plural’s services are available in Nigeria and South Africa, with plans to expand to other African regions from September 2023.

The platform claims its comprehensive AI-backed solution can contribute to various sectors, including politics, government, and business. Access to up-to-date and reliable policy data is crucial for informed decision-making, especially in regions with unique legislative landscapes like Africa.

Obinna Osisiogu, VP of Plural Africa, highlighted the significance of providing current and trustworthy policy information as African economies undergo legislative changes. The platform’s collaboration with Nigerian social network Afrilabs has facilitated enhancements and transparency.

Jennifer Okeke-Ojiudu, Senior Ecosystem Engagements Manager at Afrilabs, noted the synergies between Plural’s offerings and their own Policy Pathways initiative, expressing enthusiasm for the partnership.