Lagos, Nigeria

Staff Writer, ITWeb Africa | Plural, an artificial intelligence (AI) policy tracking platform, announced its expansion into Africa today, starting with Nigeria and South Africa.

According to the platform, its entry into Africa comes at a critical time, as the continent is now implementing the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and is being faced with increasing calls for policy transparency to help free trade and economic development.

Plural began a controlled release of its product in Africa in June 2023, working with a small group of exclusive partners to discover the continent’s particular demands and tailor its offering to meet local conditions.

Plural is currently available in Nigeria and South Africa, with intentions to expand to other African regions beginning in September 2023.

Plural claims that its all-in-one AI-backed product may aid in a number of fields, including politics, government, and business.

“In many African nations, access to policy data isn’t as seamless as in the U.S. or EU. Therefore, as these dynamic economies navigate key legislative transitions, the demand for current and trustworthy information becomes paramount for policy advocates, businesses, non-profits and partners of government,” commented Obinna Osisiogu, vice president of Plural Africa.

“Plural’s entry into the African market is a step towards bringing visibility into the policy process and improving the means to participate in democracy on the continent.”

Plural has been working with Afrilabs, a Nigerian social network, since June to assist enhance the platform and increase transparency.

Jennifer Okeke-Ojiudu, Afrilabs’ senior ecosystem engagements manager, added, “Ever since we identified Plural’s synergies with our Policy Pathways, we have been excited to partner with its launch in Africa.”