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Chambers of commerce play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and addressing the concerns of their members. To achieve these goals, chambers engage in advocacy efforts. For chambers of commerce, advocacy goes beyond traditional business promotion. It involves active participation in the legislative process, to shape laws that impact their community.

Tracking public policy is key to a chamber’s effectiveness. By doing so, chambers can align their efforts with the needs and aspirations of their members. Tracking policy not only supports economic growth. It also helps Chambers foster an environment conducive to business expansion and innovation.

Policy tracking tools like Plural have revolutionized the way that chambers of commerce engage in advocacy. Plural is a comprehensive solution for monitoring legislative activities. We’re proud to help chambers to stay up-to-date on the policy changes that affect their constituents.

“With the bill tracking tools we used before, analyzing proposed legislative bills and its changes also meant going through several screens. With this platform, it is much easier to identify the rationale for proposed legislation, and how changes could impact our legislative priority areas.” – Kwee Lan Teo, Austin Chamber of Commerce

Developing Policy Intelligence

Plural enhances chamber of commerce advocacy efforts and improves influence on policy outcomes. Plural makes it easier than ever to:

  • Identify key legislative trends
  • Anticipate potential challenges
  • Devise informed strategies to advocate for favorable policies

With data-driven insights, chambers increase their chances of swaying policy in their favor.

Collaborating Effectively

Policy tracking tools enhance collaboration within chambers and among members. Real-time updates and alerts allow for better communication and coordination. Plural helps chambers ensure that their community remains engaged and aligned on critical issues. Strong collaboration allows chambers to be more impactful in advocating for beneficial policies.

Plural and the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

Plural is proud to partner with the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. The St. Paul Area Chamber harnesses Plural’s best-in-class data to enhance their advocacy efforts. Between January and March of 2023, the St. Paul Area Chamber viewed more than 1,300 bills in 176 searches. The Chamber tracked 194 bills and created 22 tags to organize their work.

“Using a platform like Plural to track legislation saves my team a lot of time in keeping up to date with what is moving at the Capitol. The ability to set up multiple searches and email alerts is a real game changer. We no longer have to go through daily bill introductions and scour committee agendas to see if anything impactful is moving forward; we’re automatically notified! Plural captures everything, so it’s good to know nothing is slipping through the cracks and we can focus on our actual advocacy efforts!” – Amanda Duerr, St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

Policy tracking tools have transformed chamber of commerce advocacy methods. Plural empowers chambers to be at the forefront of legislative developments, become more efficient, and support their members. With Plural, fostering economic growth, addressing member concerns, and influencing policy outcomes is easier than ever.