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Shape the future of public policy with Plural’s intuitive, AI-powered legislative tracking tools. Collaborate with unlimited stakeholders to streamline your ability to influence US federal and state legislation. Say good-bye to legacy solutions and manual spreadsheets.

Plural unites policy data, AI, and collaboration in one, easy to use platform.

Plural unites policy data, AI,
and collaboration in one easy-to-use platform.

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Create a home for every team with secure digital workspaces. Here teams can annotate bills, tag team members, share analysis, and plan next steps all in one, up-to-date place.

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Find out what is happening with similar legislation across the country, learn where bill language reappears over time, and even know which bills are gaining momentum. With a click of a button, Plural analyzes bill text using AI to find commonalities in other bills across our database of state legislatures and the US Congress. You’ll never miss another opportunity to influence important legislation.

Want to See Plural in Action?

Learn how a Georgia coalition used Plural to protect voting rights.

Free Resources

Recapping California’s 2023 Legislative Session: The First Half of the Biennium

California’s 2023 legislative Session began on December 5, 2022, and adjourned on September 14, 2023. Over the past 10 months, Sacramento has been busy with hearings, votes, and debates over hundreds of bills. Read our full analysis.


Legislation Impacting Race and Education

In November of 2022, Plural research fellow Samantha Caracciolo gave a presentation to the Black Education Research Center at the Columbia University Teachers College. In her presentation, Samantha contextualized critical race theory and the backlash against it, providing detailed information on new legislation impacting race and education using Plural’s legislative data. What is Critical Race […]


Legislation Affecting Voting Rights and Access in 2023

For state and federal legislators, voting rights legislation is a key priority in 2023. Debates and public focus surrounding voting rights and access have intensified and come into the fore due to contentious national elections and imperfect electoral systems. As the 2024 election approaches, these conflicts will only intensify.


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