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Shape the future of public policy with Plural’s intuitive, AI-powered legislative tracking tools. Collaborate with unlimited stakeholders to streamline your ability to influence US federal and state legislation. Say good-bye to legacy solutions and manual spreadsheets.

Plural unites policy data, AI, and collaboration in one, easy to use platform.

Plural unites best-in-class policy data, AI,
and collaboration in one easy-to-use platform.

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Track legislation to make sure you are always informed on the bills that you need to know about. Keep all of your tracked bills in one place and get automated alerts when there’s updates.

TEAM Collaboration

Strategize with key stakeholders.

Create a home for each team, client or campaign with workspaces. Collectively track bills, save searches, annotate bills, and store notes and files with colleagues in one up to date place.

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AI-Powered Legislation Tracker and Stakeholder Collaboration.

Find out what is happening with similar legislation across the country, learn where bill language reappears over time, and even know which bills are gaining momentum. With a click of a button, Plural analyzes bill text using AI to find commonalities in other bills across its database of state legislatures and the US Congress. You’ll never miss another opportunity to influence important legislation.

Want to See Plural in Action?

Learn how a Georgia coalition used Plural to protect voting rights.

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Plural vs. BillTrack50

With its comprehensive legislative data and tracking, innovative AI insights, user-friendly design, efficient organization and collaboration tools, and real-time alerts, Plural clearly stands out as the superior legislative tracking software compared to BillTrack50.


Plural vs. Bloomberg Government

In the world of public policy, choosing the right legislative tracking tool is key. Policy teams need comprehensive, intuitive, and forward-thinking solutions. Plural shines as the superior choice over Bloomberg Government.


Plural vs. PoliticoPro

In the competitive landscape of legislative tracking software, Plural stands out as a superior choice compared to PoliticoPro. In a landscape where staying ahead means staying informed, more and more policy pros are selecting Plural as their policy tracking tool.


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