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Making democracy more accessible and transparent is at the core of our mission. We founded Plural because we are committed to breaking down barriers and making legislative tracking and analysis available to all. We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering a version of our bill tracking platform at no cost.

Now anyone can search and keep track of the bills that matter most. Whether you are a policy professional, researcher, student or concerned constituent, you can now access to bill data in a single, easy-to-use tool. We’ve taken the ethos of our popular website and combined it with the innovation and attractive user experience of our platform.

For example:

  • A Policy Associate at a state government agency keeps track of bills that could impact how the agency works. Currently, the Associate learns about relevant bills from legislative staff on her team. Or, she checks the state legislative website each day. With Plural, the Associate no longer needs to rely on the unpredictable cadence of word-of-mouth updates. She no longer has to do manual searches on a clunky, outdated website. She can do quick and easy searches in Plural, finding what she’s looking for. The Associate can sign up to receive alerts when there are new bills introduced related to her searches. She’ll get automatic updates whenever there’s a change in status on any bills her team is interested in.
  • A Director of Government Affairs analyzes bill text and communicates with internal stakeholders. Currently, the Director searches for and downloads bill text on the federal website. He does a manual, side-by-side comparison of the different versions of text to identify changes. Through Plural, the Director can find the full text of the latest version of the bill with markup text. Plural makes it quick and easy to spot changes in bill text.
  • A lobbyist spends most of their days in face to face meetings with legislative staffers. They are sometimes alerted to meeting opportunities at the last minute, leaving them little time to prepare. Researching the relevant legislator’s past policy positions and current priorities takes time. However, this knowledge is the key to effective meetings and actionable steps forward. With Plural, the lobbyist can quickly and easily find key legislator data. This includes committee membership, bill sponsorship information and vote history. Now, they will walk into meetings able to speak confidently and strategically about how the legislator’s interests align with their policy priorities.

Worried that a free tool won’t be robust and accurate? The old rule of “you get what you pay for” is a thing of the past. In fact, many leading technology companies offer a free version of their software. Plural uses the most comprehensive data set and is the most intuitive and easy to use on the market. Plural scrapes data more frequently than competing products. We use a custom cadence that’s catered to each legislature. You’ll never get caught with out-of-date data.

Once you create a free account and start using Plural, you can upgrade anytime. You’ll gain access to tools like workspaces, priority alerts and professional support, making it easy to collaborate across teams. Our AI-powered tools help you identify bills in different jurisdictions that share similar text. With the power of AI, it’s also possible to discover which bills are likely to gain momentum and adapt your strategy accordingly. Plural is perfectly suited for top performing policy professionals and teams.

Leading organizations trust Plural for their professional legislative tracking and monitoring. Our partners include the Associated Press, Google and advocacy organizations across the globe.

Create a free account today and see how easy it is to get and stay ahead. It’s like having a team of researchers, attorneys and experts working for you around the clock… without the price tag.