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ESG Legislation in the First Six Months of 2023

As interest in ESG investing has grown, ESG legislation has become a trend in the US. Read our analysis of the landscape of ESG legislation in 2023.


Legislating Access to Firearms in 2023

Gun control laws are a mainstay within U.S. politics. The Plural team sought to examine gun control policy throughout the first half of 2023.


2023 End-of-Session Report | Minnesota Legislature

In 2023, legislative trends in Minnesota include: abortion, elections and voting, environment, education, guns and more. Read our full analysis.


End-of-Session Report Template

Creating a legislative report is key to proving the impact of your role, your team and your organization. It showcases the tangible results of your work to your board, stakeholders and community members. Need help getting started? Download our end-of-session report template today!


2023 End-of-Session Report | Texas Legislature

Throughout this year’s legislative session, Texas passed 512 bills out of the 10,322 introduced. These bills focused on economic investments, education and healthcare. Download the full report to learn more and read our analysis.


Stakeholder Mapping Tool

Advocacy efforts are most effective when all voices surrounding an issue come together and speak one unified truth.


Public Policy Brief Template

Policy briefs provide policymakers with a clear understanding of an issue and suggest policy options based on research, analysis, and evidence. They can be used to advance your organization’s goals, influence decision-making, position yourself or your organization as a thought leader, and more! Download our fully-customizable policy brief template and start writing your effective policy brief today!


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